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Free book this summer!!!! June 13, 2014

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Visit this web site to print out a form. If your child reads 8 books this summer and brings in the form, s/he can get another book FREE from Barnes and Noble!!!


Ms. Dehr

7th Grade!!! June 12, 2014

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For everyone following me on this web site, I’ll be moving to 7th grade ELA next year. I’m not sure of the team name yet but I”m looking forward to teaching 7th grade next year!!



New Project!! March 14, 2014

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I’ll be passing this out to the students no later than Tuesday.
Language Arts Project – Ms. Dehr
Due:  April 18, 2014 – Worth 100 points
1)  Choose a book that has characters in it.
2) Write a diary that one of the story’s main characters might have kept before, during, or after the book’s events.  You must include the character’s thoughts and feelings in the diary.  Remember to tell me if the diary entries take place before, during or after the book.  At least 7 entries are required. Each entry must be at least two paragraphs.

3) Rubric:

    1. 50 points – 7 entries that are legible, at least two paragraphs each, and clearly marked “before, during or after.”
    2. 30 points – Entries clearly show thoughts and feels that match the character’s personality.
    3. 20 points – Correct grammar and spelling.

New Project! February 9, 2014

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This information will go home with your child tomorrow:


Language Arts Project

Ms. Dehr

Due Wednesday, March 5, 2014


1)     Select a book to read that you have never read before. Get it approved by Ms. Dehr NO LATER THAN February 14.

2)    Read the book. As you read, takes notes about the setting (time and place).

3)    Prepare a 3-fold travel brochure advertising the setting of your book using pictures that you have found or drawn.  This brochure should persuade people to visit the setting of your book.  Somewhere in your brochure you must include a detailed description of the setting of your book.  Your brochure should have information on the front and back and there should not be any blank panels on your brochure.

4)    Make sure your name and period are somewhere on the brochure.

5)    Turn it in no later than March 5. Your grade will be dropped one letter grade for every day it is late.

6)    It is worth 100 points:

  1. 60 points – clearly describe the setting with a lot of detail
  2. 20 points – neat, no grammatical errors, easy to read
  3. 20 points – persuasive techniques used well.


Nicole, Samari and Franck and their awesome t-shirt projects! January 9, 2014

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Check out these creative t-shirts made by 3 talented students in Ms. Dehr's 4th period Language Arts class (Nicole Ford, Samari Israel and Franck Temgoua).  While you're at it, get some great ideas on books to read!

Week of 12/16 December 13, 2013

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Your child will still need to turn in a reading paragraph by 12/20, but I will not have vocabulary words that week. We’ll resume with them after Christmas break.

Ms. Dehr

Spelling Bee Winners! December 13, 2013

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Following are the winners and runners up for the 6th grade all stars spelling bee. The school wide bee will take place in January.

2nd – Dulce Martinez is winner; Caleb Briscoe is runner up

3rd – Joy Bess Smith is winner; Marsan Blount is runner up.

4th – Myah Pearson is winner; Josiah Bunton is runner up.

6th – Da Lesia Wright is winner; Sophia Cannon is runner up.

Vocabulary Words for week of 12/9 December 9, 2013

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The test will be this Friday. Homework is due on Thursday.

disciple – a follower

abundant – ample or a lot

petition – a request

noxious – poisonous

surge – rise

valiant – brave

labyrinth – maze

paramount – most important

haggard – exhausted.

Essay Contest! December 5, 2013

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There is a voluntary essay contest that your child is invited to take part in. I will give extra credit for students who choose to do it.

Peace Presbyterian Church is going to hold an MLK Brunch at Newburg on January 18th from 11AM – 1PM.  Their theme is, “Keeping the Dream Alive” and they are holding an essay contest on, “What does Marting Luther King Jr. Mean to Me?”

This is an opportunity for 9 students (3 winners per grade level) to receive monetary rewards and be honored at this brunch.
1.  Essays must be 300 words or less.
2.  Essays must be typed.
3.  Essays are due Friday, January 3rd (to Mrs. Adell).

Vocabulary Words – Test Friday December 2, 2013

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The homework went home today for this week’s vocabulary words. The homework is due on Thursday. The test is Friday. Following are the words and the defnitions:

1) pacify – to soothe

2) verify – prove something is true

3) suppress – subdue

4) gregarious – friendly

5) glum – sad or dejected

6) commotion – a disturbance

7) haughty – conceited (think they’re all that)

8) surmise – a guess

9) consolidate – unify things or put them together

10) destiny – fate


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