Incoming Spartans!

For the 2016 – 2017 school year, I will be making a minor change in my monthly writing requirement. Following is the monthly requirement due this year:

Monthly Writing Assignment

Ms. Dehr – Language Arts – Spartans

Each month you are required to turn in a letter to me.

  • Write a letter to me. It must be set up like a letter with a date, salutation, paragraphs and a closing.
  • The letter may be about anything you want. It can be about a book you read, something going on in the news, personal plans you have this month, your feelings about school . . . really anything.
  • Because you will have ALL MONTH to write this and turn it in, I will NOT accept any late assignments. Turn it in early, or turn it in on time. They will be due on the following dates (or you may turn them in early):
    • August 31
    • Sept. 30
    • Oct. 31
    • Nov. 30
    • Dec. 16
    • Jan. 31
    • Feb. 28
    • March 29
    • April 28
    • No assignment due in May.
  • You will be graded on the following:
    • Proper grammar
    • Capital sentences
    • Proper use of paragraphs
    • Correct spelling
    • Length (please write one full page, one side, of a sheet of paper)
    • Neatness
    • Properly set up like a letter

Please feel free to either hand write or type it. You may email it to me at: if you like.

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7th Grade Reading Assignment

Johnson Traditional Middle Summer Reading
Summer 2016-17
Who? Seventh grade students
What? Read one book from the list below.

Complete the attached “Reading is Thinking” graphic organizer.

When? Be prepared to return the completed “Reading is Thinking” organizer for the book on the first day of school to the Language Arts teacher.  Make sure students are prepared for other assignments given at the start of the school year.

Students should take notes or make sure they have the book in order to help with the other assignments pertaining to the book. 


*For those students who have completed all assignments

accurately, and by the assigned due dates a dress down pass will be awarded.

**Accuracy and all scoring will be at the discretion of the teacher.






Books: Choose ONE

¨ Belle Teal by Ann M. Martin

¨ Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

¨ Kids at Work by Russell Freedman


*All books are available via Amazon, local books stores, and branches of the Louisville Free Public Library. 

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Great “Short”

I saw this on Sunday Morning a couple weeks ago and have shared it with most of my classes. I wanted to share it with you. It’s a great cartoon with a great message.


Ms. Dehr

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Today I showed this video to my classes. They seemed to enjoy it. Feel free to watch it so you can discuss it with your kids at home.:)

Ms. Dehr

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What would your six-word memoir say?

Check out this great video that a high school English class created. I’d love to have the time to do something like this with my students this year!


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Sometimes if we have a few minutes at the end of class, I’ll show a video I think the kids will find interesting. Following are two I’ve shown this week:




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Updated Grades!

I have updated all grades for the last grading period (including behavior grades). Although report cards won’t be out until next week, feel free to visit parent portal and take a look at your child’s grades in Language Arts.

Have a great holiday!

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