Mad Libs!

Yesterday after studying adjectives, we completed some fun on-line mad libs (remember those?) The kids wanted to know the web site. Here it is:

It’s a fun way to reinforce the parts of speech. Enjoy!

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Extra books?

What a great idea . . . donate them to prisons where they can be appreciated and really used!


Donate Your Books to Prisons: What, Why, and How

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Book Project

Spartans Book Project

No later than October 4       Select the book you will be reading. Requirements for the book:

  • It must be a Newbery Honor or Award Winning book
  • If you don’t get the book from JTMS Library, the title must be approved by Ms. Dehr
  • It must be a book you’ve never read before.


No later than October 17     Finish reading your book. Make sure you’ve written down the title and author and any important information in case you need to return the book to the library.


Choose ONE of the following three projects to complete and present to the class. Do only one

  • Travel Brochure – Prepare a 3-fold travel brochure advertising the setting of your book using pictures that you have found or drawn. This brochure should persuade people to visit the setting of your book. Somewhere in your brochure you must include a detailed description of the setting of your book. Your brochure should have information on the front and back and there should not be any blank panels on your brochure. Make sure the title and author of the book are included on the brochure. In a separate writing piece of 2-3 paragraphs include information about the book and why someone should read it.


  • Make a Collage – Using magazine pictures create a collage on a poster board that describes your book. Your poster board should be fully covered in pictures, with no poster board showing. In a separate writing piece describe what each picture represents and how it relates to your book.


  • Poster – Make a poster advertising your book so someone else will want to read it. Posters must be:


  • The size of a poster board
  • Posters should NOT have blank space
  • Illustrated with a scene or scenes from the book
  • The title and author must be on the poster
  • In a separate writing piece of 2-3 paragraphs describe why someone should read your book. Be creative!


On October 27 and October 28 – Everyone will be given 2 minutes (no more) to present their book and project to the class.


Grades will be based on the following:


Presentation              30 points

(ability to hear, organized presentation that doesn’t run to far below or too far over 1-2 minutes, clearly practiced a presentation to discuss their project and the book.)


Project                                    50 points

(clearly followed required rules for the chosen project, neat, organized, well done.)


Written                       20 points

(well written information to accompany project that includes required information, is grammatically correct and easy to read and clearly shows student read the book.)

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100 Books Every Boy Should Read!

100 Books Every Boy Should Read



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Vocabulary/Spelling Words

I sent out an email about this (and explained it in class) but there still seems to be some confusion. I do NOT give vocabulary/spelling words and tests every week. I apologize for any confusion. Studying and learning the spelling and meaning of those ten words every week is just too much for the students and, quite honestly, it is impossible for me to read and grade more than 1,500 sentences each week. I do them a couple times a month.

Because I only give homework once a week (handed out and explained on Monday and due on Friday) the students should know on Monday what is due that week. In addition, the students are supposed to write in their agenda EVERY DAY and any reminders about homework and tests are ALWAYS put on the board in advance as reminders. I always remind them about upcoming tests. Please make sure your child is writing in his/her agenda each day as it is very important.

Next week I’ll be sending homework out on Tuesday (since we don’t have school on Monday) and it will be due on Friday. It does not involve vocabulary or spelling. I will be sure to let everyone know the next time we have one of those tests.


Writers Wanted!

I am in the process of creating a Spartans Newsletter, written completely by 6th grade Spartans. I’ll be discussing it with the students tomorrow. If your child would like to contribute (Creative Corner: poetry; Spotlight On: interview someone; Check it out: book review; etc.) please have him/her see me. Anyone who wants to contribute as a writer will be allowed to create an article for it. We will be working on it during Study Hall.

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Scholastic is offering four more writing contests that I’ll be telling the kids about today. They are in the September issue of the magazine we’re reading.

  1. Should the cockroach be the national bug of the United States? Answer this question in a short essay and use information from the infographic to support your opinion. Five winners will get a $25 VISA gift card.
  2. Create your own etiquette guide for smartphone use today. Use information in both texts to help you create your rules. Your guide can be in the form of a list, an essay, a poster, a slideshow or a video. Five winners will each receive Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan.
  3. Explain how Jennifer L. Holm draws on scientific information in her story “Follow the Water.” Include details from the story as well as from “What Would It Take to Live Here?” to support your ideas. Five winners will each get One Small Step by P.B. Kerr.
  4. In a well organized paragraph, explain how the author creates a suspenseful mood in The Tell Tale Heart. Support your ideas with text evidence. Five winners will get Doll Bones by Holly Black.


All entries must be received by October 20.

Email Ms. Dehr ( for copies of the articles from the magazine.

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