A Wrinkle in Time on line

Please visit A Wrinkle in Time if your child needs to catch up on reading A Wrinkle in Time and doesn’t have a copy of the book. This is an online copy that can be accessed for free.

Ms. Dehr


Great book for parents and educators!

I currently try to listen to a book on tape on my way to and from school each day. I am listening to one right now (I’m only 1/6 of the way through; I just started it) that is really great! It is called:

The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults January 6, 2015

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Homework Due on Wednesday, 8/19

Your child should have already turned in his/her summer report about the first book s/he read. For the second book, the students will need to create a cartoon depicting at least one important scene from the book. The cartoon must have at least four panels in it. They may write a brief description about what is happening. I’m looking for clear and concise information and evidence that the student made an effort on the project. Artistic ability will not be graded.


Vocabulary Homework

On this site you will find 19 weeks of vocabulary homework. The students will be assigned a different list each full week of school (if we have less than five days straight then they will be getting another assignment). We may or may not complete them all and I may add more lists to these.

This homework will begin on Monday, August 16. Students will receive their list of words and definitions for that week. Due on that Friday will be very specified sentences that they will have to create. Each word must be used in a sentence that doesn’t begin with the word “I’, has more than seven words in it, and clearly shows an understanding of the definition of the word. Points will be taken off for grammatical and spelling errors.

On Friday, the students will receive a test over both the definition AND the spelling of these words. They will receive a sheet of paper with a list of definitions on it. They will have to write the correct word next to the correct definition and they must spell it correctly. Five points will be given for spelling and five points will be given for correct placement. I will read the list of words aloud numerous times as they take the test, so they don’t have to memorize which words were on the list.

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6th Grade Language Arts Homework

This will be due every month on the last day of the month, beginning in September. So the first assignment is due on September 30, the next one on October 31, etc.

Each month you must turn into me a half page writing piece. It must be about something you read that month. If you are still reading the book, that is fine. Just give me information about what you think of the book so far. If you haven’t begun a new book, let me know which book you are looking forward to reading and why. Or, if you’ve read a magazine article, you can talk about the article.

As usual, put your first and last name, date and period on the paper.  Include the title of the book and discuss anything you want to about it (do you like it, tell me about the characters in the book, what do you like about the setting, etc.)

You will be graded on: length, grammar, spelling and showing that you clearly read that piece.

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Switching Schools!

I’ll be leaving Newburg next year and will be teaching 6th grade Language Arts at Johnson Traditional Middle School. I’m really excited for this change! Feel free to email me any time:  Judith.dehr@Jefferson.kyschools.us Have a great year!!!

Judy Dehr